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  • Dealership Contacts (888) 894-2851
    • Dan Traeger Photo
      Dan Traeger
      General Manager
    • Robb Reeser Photo
      Robb Reeser
      Sales Manager
    • Dick Meads Photo
      Dick Meads
      General Sales Manager
      Phone : 309-825-4391
    • Matt Bassi Photo
      Matt Bassi
      Finance Manager
    • Carol Montague Photo
      Carol Montague
      Office Manager
    • Danielle Detmers Photo
      Danielle Detmers
      Office Staff
    • Beth Briggs Photo
      Beth Briggs
      Office Personnel
    • Mary Bauman Photo
      Mary Bauman
      Warranty Desk
    • Tim Johnson Photo
      Tim Johnson
    • Mandy Dahm Photo
      Mandy Dahm
      Business Development Center Coordinator
    • Christina Norvell Photo
      Christina Norvell
      Business Development & Internet Specialist
    • Troy Newberry Photo
      Troy Newberry
      Business Development Center Representative
  • Sales (888) 894-2851
  • Service (888) 371-2165
    • Pete Traeger Photo
      Pete Traeger
      Service Manager
    • Brian Eden Photo
      Brian Eden
      Service Advisor
    • Rick Smith Photo
      Rick Smith
      Service Advisor
    • Jordy Paul Photo
      Jordy Paul
      Service Advisor
    • Bill Tosh Photo
      Bill Tosh
      Service Technician
    • Bob Kellogg Photo
      Bob Kellogg
      Service Technician
    • Don Tynan Photo
      Don Tynan
      Service Technician
    • Kurtis Atherton Photo
      Kurtis Atherton
      Service Technician
    • Chris Olson Photo
      Chris Olson
      Service Technician
    • Dustin Lane Photo
      Dustin Lane
      Service Technician
    • Shaun Caldwell Photo
      Shaun Caldwell
      Detail Technician
    • Mike Clark Photo
      Mike Clark
      Service Technician
    • Tim Morris Photo
      Tim Morris
      Detail Technician
    • Rick Tominov Photo
      Rick Tominov
      Shuttle Driver
    • Charlie Outlaw Photo
      Charlie Outlaw
      Shuttle Driver
    • Eric Neuber Photo
      Eric Neuber
      Lot Attendant
    • Chris Hevrin Photo
      Chris Hevrin
      Service Technician
  • Parts (888) 371-2165
    • Tom Crawford Photo
      Tom Crawford
    • Tyler Houk Photo
      Tyler Houk
    • Mike Ferrill Photo
      Mike Ferrill
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